Health informatics as a field is a relatively new research area. Over the last decade, research in this field witnessed a growing at a very rapid rate on the international level, as evidenced by the large number of international publications. (1) In Egypt, health informatics as a discipline is a newly emerging discipline regarding education, practice and research. Information Technology & Statistics Training Center “ITSTC”, National Information Center for Health & population affiliated to Egyptian Ministry of health & Population is in the stage of conducting the first research in this promising discipline. Concerning adoption of health information technology in the practice, some governmental hospitals have implemented hospital information system. Some hospitals presented successful implementation projects, others showed partially successful model and others are completely failed.

Research Objectives

To identify and prioritize the main barriers to successful health information system implementation in Egyptian governmental hospitals according to their passive effect on project implementation successfulness.

Aim of the Study

The importance of this area of study is the focus on how to push health information system implementation in Egypt towards successfulness. The aim of the study is to help the concerned parties and decision makers in the health sector to start the adoption of practical solutions for overcoming these barriers. The recommended solutions that will be advised by this study will promote the successful health information system implementation in Egyptian governmental hospitals.

Current Situation

The research proposal is under approval



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