This Course is designed to increase awareness of students to be able to Use SPSS in data analysis for decision making, Analyze and interpret data using SPSS.

Curricular Components:

  1. Introduction to SPSS
  2. Basic statistical measures
  3. How to install the program
  4. The basic menu in SPSS
  5. Explain the screen of the date view
  6. Types of variables and measurement scales
  7. Definition of coding and types of coding
  8. How to design the form of variables view
  9. How to design the form of data view
  10. Scientific type of variables
  11. How to dealing with the variables and editing data
  12. How to import and export data
  13. How to adjust the properties of the variables
  14. how to deal with missing data
  15. The basic windows in SPSS
  16. the basics of managing data file
  17. Defining the value labels
  18. Sorting the data
  19. Frequencies tables
  20. Descriptive measures
  21. linear regression analysis
  22. Graphs and charts
  23. opening the simple data
  24. Descriptive/Regression analysis
  25. Plotting the Regression line


30 Hours


  • Statistics Fundamental
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